2001-06-06 23:14:24 (UTC)

June 6, 2001

Dear Tyler,
Hey today was okay. Nothing out of the norm. I sat
next to Mitch and talked to him. He's so adorable. Such a
sweetie. Oh friends from the desert are coming
down to visit....there's going to be like 15-25 of us at my
house. I'm so stoaked. Oh Lorr asked me if I'd made out
with Mitch yeah right I wish. Why does he have to be
younger than me. A year and a half isn't bad is it?? I
like older guys too. It's just he's soooo adorable. Oh my
gosh. Yeah today is our 3 month 11 day aniversary.
Hehehe! He's such a sweetie. I'll tell you what he did
tomorrow. xoxoxoxo

Love Always,