2001-06-06 23:08:39 (UTC)

Overpressured life

My life sucks right now. I already didn't have enough time
for my schoolwork, but now that i'm taking an Human Anatomy
class at my local community college ( El camino), my life
is only worse. i'm a junior in high school. Anyways, I get
home at about 3:30 daily, and my anatomy class is from 5-
10:10. Five hours and 10 minutes. I might as well shoot
myself. I'm the only young person there. Everybody there
already has kids if not grandkids. I feel so immature, and
young compared to these people. The class is sooo long it's
beyond belief. And it get's worse because it's everyday.
Besides this, my lifes ok lately. I'm getting over
this guy that i've liked for almost a year off and now. He
was the best friend of a guy taht i dated for a day minus
half a year. I'm incredibly happy that i'm getting over
him, because i feel freedom. My hearts no longer locked in
a cage forbidden to feel entirery free. Though i'm not 100
percent off of my infatuation with him. It's slowly wearing
off. I'm very happy about that./
I feel incredibly lucky to now a guy named
Charles, who i'm going to prom with. He's soo sweet, nice,
comforting. He's the kind of guy that will do anything for
those he is close with. He always makes me feel better
about life, and constantly gives me invaluable advice about
guys and related topics. Plus, he is a human genius and
I think.....i'm beginning to like the guy that my
friend is going out with. It truly scares me. He had asked
me out once.......but I didn't like him at the time. What's
wrong with me.I better not think about it.

If anybody has advice for him.......please reply.
I'm always grateful for repliances.
If charles or ashley is reading
this........i love you