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2002-05-13 02:55:52 (UTC)


Yep, I said I would hit this thing up again...here I am.
Well, I went to the movies w/ Joe to see SPIDERMAN. It was
cool....the movie I mean. Joe is cool and everything, but I
finally figured out what it is that I don't like about him.
Okay, I don't like him because he's too comfortable. Does
that sound retarded? I'm sure it does, but you would
understand. Someone told me that he might like me and that
didn't really bother me at the time because I knew he would
quickly get over it. Like? Yeah right! I see right through
Joe. Okay, when we got in the car after the movie, he asked
if I wanted to play a game and he said that I probably
wouldn't like it. I kinda knew he was going to make a wrong
move, so I went ahead and let him set himself up for the
kill. So, I asked him what game...he then put two dice in
my hand. No, not the dice that have the lil dots on them.
They were the dice that had words on them...you know....the
SEX DICE. WHOA! Who does this kid think he is? I played it
cool though because I could have easily cussed him out
about the whole thing, but I just put them down and
politely said, "Hell Nawl." See, I didn't get ugly w/ him.
He's a dude who doesn't think with the head on his
shoulders....I let him have that one. LOL...I can't believe
his nerve. Then, he had some other kind of stuff too. It
was a mess! Besides that though....the movie was cool. It
wasn't on that "JOHN Q." level, but it was good for the
moment. Anyway, it's 10:38 right now and I want to go out.
Ain't nothing to do, but I just want to go out. While I was
sitting in church today, I was thinking about Leroy. I
asked him to come to church, but he said he didn't think
that was his kind of thing. My mom said that you can only
ask once and it's up to that person. NEWAY, I was thinking
about Leroy......I wonder what his reaction would be if I
came on to him. Like, it was me who started the kissing? I
don't think I've ever done anything like that before. My
only thing is that I don't want to start something that I
can't finish. I'm not talking about not being able to go
through.....I don't want to go through w/ it. I'm at the
state of mind to where I have this faith that keeps
growing. The things that will happen are against what I'm
trying to accomplish. This boy will make me lose my
religion. He makes me rethink everything. He makes me
think things that I wouldn't think about anyone else. Sure,
I'm attracted to a few other people in that kind of
way...but who am I kidding....nothing will happen. But w/
him, it's an open subject. I just hope he doesn't think
anything about what he maybe saw today. It's nothing...I
don't like Joe, I never will! It's not that I have to prove
anything to anyone, but I don't want him thinking that
because it's no where near truth. Just don't think it! *J*

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