16 years old and lost in life?
2002-05-13 02:42:56 (UTC)


Ok where do i start....i've liked this kid named adam now
for a lil over 2 months....and i never told him...well i
just found out 2 weeks ago that one of my best freinds
likes him also....she told me all this shit how she wouldnt
do nething with him...yeah im sure everyone knows how that
well neeeways....i had a friend ask adam who he liked and
he said he didnt like me we were just "really" good
friends...and that he liked katie a lil bit....so i told
her all this and told her i wouldnt be mad if she went for
him all this good ole ' stuff trying to be nice....so that
night she goes to his house...and i feel she doesnt care
now..i gave her the green light so shes going to jump right
into this situation...which kinda hurts that she shows no
respect for me...knowing thta i still like him alot
What should i do?? should i tell her that i like him and
tell her to slow down not to jump right in...do i let it
pass....or do i still like adam the same way that i
did...and see what comes outta it??
im soooo confused sooomeone pleeease help me
"leave each passing second to your fullest"