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2002-05-13 02:39:37 (UTC)


Happy Mother's Day to my girl. From what I hear she is a
great mother. She tells me all the fun things she does
with her daughter. To have a mother who cares about you so
much is a treasure we should not take for granted. My girl
is like a best friend as well as a mother. She said that
one time her daughter was having a party at her house and
her and her friends were watching a movie. My girl then
says shes gonna let them be, but the kids want her to stay
coz she is so fun to be around. Course I already know how
great a person she is, she takes my breath away. My mom is
a great person too. She is thoughtful, generous and
caring. Always looking out for her kids. Me, my 2
sisters, one of my neices, my grandma and my mother all
went to a flower store today. I was gonna get her phlox,
but the pickins were slim so I got her a clematis instead.
She seemed happy enough with that. Today wasn't all
sunshine and rainbows. I had a difficult time logging in
to my computer. I wanted to write sooner, but when I
finally got in, I couldn't go the same page I'd been
working on. I don't know if I'll get the oppurtunity to
tell her about the change. Maybe tomorrow the page will
come back up and I'll just go back to that one. Who
knows? If not, I guess I'll be just satisfied with this
one. Sucks though, you start something and then you have
to change it. Oh well goodnight and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY