humming bird

my F***ed up head
2001-06-06 22:30:32 (UTC)

LIFE IS GOOD...pretty much

so matt (hyde) asked me out yesterday!!!! i was like
yay!.. see me and
nikki,dustin,stina,karolina,chad,tony,sami and matt were
all over at nikkis yestterday and we ordered a pizza and
just sat aorund and stuff... me and matt were downstairs by
ourselves watching tv and tony was being such an idiot and
kept coming to look to see if we were making out which we
were not and just being the fag that he was... we were
watching cartoons and i think matt hinx i am crazy cuz i
like cartons so much but that is ok... and then it was me
and stina and matt upstairs and everyone else was in
nikki's basement and matt was like leaving and stina
looked at me and then she looke at matt and she was just
like "i gotta go now" and she ran downstairs like was funny... but then he was like "well
since we r alone i guess i'll ask u to go out with me?" and
i was likeyes and he is just so cute .. i like him so much
he has the best smile ever and he is like so shy or
something but it makes him even cute... and he has a very
nice stomach..that is always a plus...and i would feel so
bad ever doing anything in front of him like smoking or
anything so i could never!! he doesnt do stuff like that
and that also makes him cuter... like i dont want a total
goody-two-shoes as a boyfriend but i dont want some crazy-
ass rebel.... ya know?.. so i like him alot and i hope that
helikes me but i didnt get to talk to him at all today
which kinda sucked but thats ok.... and then matt nowa is
like my best guy friend he is so funny!.. i was talking to
him and he tells me bout lindsay ( despite everything that
has ever happened between us) and i tel him bout i called him last night and he goes "o i hear u
and matt r going out"and i was like"yeah"and he was
like"when and where did he ask u out"and i was like"at
nikki's earlier today"and he goes"where"and i was like"i
just said at nikki's"and he goes"OMG do i have to like pry
this outta u, where in nikki's"and i was like oh and blah
blah blah i told him the story and it is just funny i think
but i would rather be friends with him then not just becuz
even tho he lies and he gets himself in a crapload of shit
alot, he is a cool kid... lol but i am gonna go so adios