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2002-05-13 02:19:06 (UTC)

Venting...Sunday May 12, 2002

I need to vent!!! Today is mother's day and what a
wonderul day it has been! I had to work at 7:30 this
morning. It sucked. I made pretty good money. But I am
always so tired afterwards. I came home, gave my mom so
flowers, and took a nap. Today my boyfriend, went to the
mall with his family. I got to talk with him for about 10
minutes. Everything he does is making me so angry. When I
am with him everything is fine, but when I am not with him
he makes me so angry. FOr example: Today he asked me what
I was doing. I told him that my dad was cooking dinner for
my mom and I had some homework to do. I was on the
internet doing some homework when he called so he got my
voicemail, then he called my cell phone. I never heard it
ring, but I know that he called b/c it said one missed
call. He knew that I was going to be home b/c I told him
earlier today, but no he doesnt come over to my house. I
called him about 15 minutes ago, 9:55 PM. so we could talk
for a little bit. He wasnt home so I called his cell. HE
answered, but was at his best friends house. I asked him
if he could take me to work tomorrow b/c my mom needs the
car. Well he is going out of town tomorrow with his best
friend and and a friend who is comming in town for the
week. We work at the same place and tomorrow is the first
day of training, so he has to be there. He cant take me.
He told me that he is not my personal driver. I was
thinking you have been for 3 years,why not stop? We are
fighting so much more. It sucks. Last week I almost broke
up with him because he is choosing his friends over me. I
know that its "bros before hos," but I dont care. We are
in a serious relationship and you should pick me or at
least include me in whatever your doing. I will be out of
school in 7 days and hopefully everything will be normal.
But until then I am going to the mega-bitch. He is making
me so angry. Then on the phone he tells me that he spent
all day with me yeasterday. Congradulations! You spend
most of your time with me anyways.