the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-05-13 02:09:11 (UTC)

My convo with ethan

(emmychloe is me)

emmychloe: anyway I'M SO HYPER
Cruiser1286: because...?
emmychloe: I was just writing in my diary about the
world's most wonderful equation
Cruiser1286: which is?
emmychloe: me jc chasez (KiNkY boy!!!) shane west AJ
mclean (both r PURE sex-on-a-stick) one locked room two
hours of free time......plus a jello bath, cuz thats gotta
be awesome
emmychloe: hehehehe
Cruiser1286: sicko
emmychloe: ... you?
Cruiser1286: yeah, I don't go for orgies when theres only
one girl
emmychloe: but it'll be fun!!!! aj and shane and
jc.......and ethan!!! fun for the whole famly
Cruiser1286: thats one freaky ass family
emmychloe: but FUN
Cruiser1286: not for me
emmychloe: i could make it fun!
emmychloe: couldn't i????
Cruiser1286: theres not even enough of you to go around
that family
emmychloe: damn boy, ur making me doubt my ABILITIES!
Cruiser1286: I take up a lot of energy!!
emmychloe: hmmmm.....so does AJ, I'm sure
Cruiser1286: well there you go
emmychloe: oooh i bet he could go "all night, ain't no
stopping till the breakin of the down, inside, every
corner" hehe
Cruiser1286: so could I!!!
emmychloe: FUN FOR THE WHOLE........me
Cruiser1286: haha. alright you got that one
emmychloe: yupz
emmychloe: so ethan...what's your fantasy?
Cruiser1286: who ever heard of having just one fantasy?
Cruiser1286: hey whoa would you look at the time
Cruiser1286: I've got to run
Cruiser1286: hehe actually I really do. ask me again
tomorow gorgeous, peace out babe

*sigh* he'd never like me....no, this isn't how our convos
normally go, but i laughed myself a new ass hole over this
one....i'm so easily amused