Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-06-06 22:28:44 (UTC)

look around you lame fuckers.

After that last entry i thought I should write more
things are actully really good for me.
This country and the state of the world seem to be in bad
shape though.I really dont like the goverment I have really
stong american Ideals and am a ture beliver in what this
country is supposed to stand for and oh belive this Im a
die hard capitialist.
But you know this country is becomming more and more
socialistic by the day. OK the goverment pretty much owns
me if you didnt know I hold no gruges towards them on this
account they didnt send me to prision I sent myself.
But heres whats up.I commited a crime spend 29 months in
prision then four three years they assign a person to make
shure Im cool to be out.Not just to make shure Im not on
drugs or have severed heads in my closet but to do things
like check my bank account against my pay stubs to make
shure theres no discreptinces and a bunch of other stupid
shit and guess who pays for it thats right you do.I do we
all do.Heres another little fact did you know that 45% of
the poeple who get pay checks work for the govenment in one
way or another.the point you ask thats your tax money.
I guess we could look at the bright side and say hey at
least they work for it everyone else just gets free kicks
from the government.Thats right welfare, section 8,
Govenment bizness loans and grants.
And who pays for all this yes, you and me baby!
And all the small biznesses out there fuck you think you
get rapped when you get your checks you should see how they
do small bizness owners.They pretty much tax them for more
than 50% of their profit. And thats after taxes on
everything else.
Ok does anyone out there know anything about ma bell.
AT&T ok they uesd to own almost all of the phone bizness
a monopoly, well pretty much. Why not they built all the
phone lines the put the money up, hired the workers, built
the whole dam system.So heres what happens the goverment
comes in and says hey you guys cant own all that,thats not
no one else can get in the phone company game. Well they
can theyd just have to have enormass capital and build
lines and everything else at&t had to do.what not fair
about that.

So hence the goverment comes in a sanctions them with
courts and BS that says they have to let everyone else use
the phone lines they built WHAT kinda commie shit is that
where does the gov get off thats not written any where in
the constition or bill of rights. dont even get me started
about the bill gates thing.

Lets talk about cali and the eletricity problem. Do you
know what thats really about PG%E probly one of the best
companys to work for in the world and best stocks there
every was. The gov. steped in and said you guy have a
monopoly going on here you own the oil comp. you get the
oil from.the power plants and the distrubters thats not
fiar you have to sell of some of them.So they sold the oil
and the gov didnt bother to put a clause that said who ever
bought the oil had to sell it to PG&E at the same price but
they said pg&e had to sell the power at the same price.what
a joke so the companys that bought the oil jacxked up the
prices and since pg&e had to sell at the same price cause
the court said. well theres nothing left to do but go
bankrupt cause a biz cant work on those terms.
Im only ranting and raving cause my parole officer is
sweating me about getting finacial aid for school cause
they give that shit to convicts. Check it out yo. I make
enuff money to pay for school and if I didnt Id get two
more jobs before I took there money and supported this
socialist out look we seem to be turning toward.
Theres two things both on a nofx albums I try to live by
the first is.
Food stamps welfare checks wouldnt rather starve

the second is.
Make the world safe for bizness not democracy!

I m all about democracy but you know what, in this culture
bizness pays the bills and buys shinny cars.

Oh yeah I have to say they did a good job with the power
thing roaming black outs, power bills of out ragious amount.
And heres a little known fact it was your boy that
beautiful govener of yours the one that talked long shit
about how its the fedral government fault about the power.
Well hes the one who pushed to break PG&E up. HA?HA
somtimes life so sweet.

Ok so heres the next step to socialism the gov well step up
to save the day by going in the power biz.
How nice now they own the power, youve seen how great they
seem to handle everything else.
Ok so Im fully not one of those parinod crazy poeple
talking about black hilicopters or a new world order or
anything to that effect. Im just talking about things that
are going on with out all the media spin on them.
thats all nothing more.
OK so if you read this just forget it and go back to
watching riki lake or what ever you do with your time
and tomarro you can wake up once again and go, oh the
worlds so fucked and life sucks and all that drag.
And heres another thought you weak fuckers how about you
complian about the Goverment for a while how fucked up they
are and this and that and then take your goverment check to
the store and buy some twinkies. Hey and why your at it why
dont you just walk by the voters booth and not place a vote.
you know I used to think everyone should vote isnt that
what this countrys about for the people by the people
but now I think 80% of you fuckers dont even know enuff
about whats going on right outside your door to even be
alowed to vote.

With love and some hope
and respect to the few

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