the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-05-13 01:39:41 (UTC)

*sigh* Damn Me To Hell #3

0o0o0o0o0o0o0o I need a Jell-O bath right now, haha how
much fun would that be. Hmmm....Jell-0 requires whipped
cream....damnit, lets NOT go down that path!!!
yummm...whipped cream strawberries ethan... ben.....
ethan.....scratch that. Strawberries Whipped Cream JC
CHASEZ. I mean, the boy's gotta be KiNkY, writing things
like "Baby, baby, we can do more than just talk cuz I can
hear ya, hear ya, and I can see ya, see ya baby, baby we
can do all that we want we're getting nasty, nasty, we're
getting freaky, freaky. Digital, digital get down, just you
and me, You may be 20,000 miles away, but I can see ya and
baby, baby you can see me digital, digital get down (get
down) just what we need we can get together naturally we
can get together on the digital screen" haha....lock me up
in a room with HIM for an hour...::calms down and slaps
herself back into reality:: *cough* *cough* OK. I've got
it. The PERFECT equation:

me shane west/aj mclean (both are pure sex-on-a-stick)
one locked room two hours of free time = OOOOOH the

"all you need to learn is how to say goodbye."

PS -- Heather...if you're reading this...I realized I
didn't answer one of your questions. I never saw Phantom of
the Opera, though I did want to. I'm seeing Rent again,
tho. I'm just Rent obsessed lol.