the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-05-13 01:39:31 (UTC)

*sigh* Damn Me To Hell #2


So I was talking to Ben, and he was being his lil innocent
self, all "we hafta hang out sometime soon," "i can't
believe you're not coming to encapment, it's not gonna be
the same without you, I'm gonna miss you," etc. Damn him.

And damn ME, for liking two guys that I don't have a chance
in hell with. I mean, yeah, sure, they both (Bangles "Manic
Monday" just came on...time to SMILE!..okay, anyway...) are
so sweet and so flirty with me, but I dunno. I just get
this huge smile across my face when I talk to Ethan, and he
has this calming effect on me. And when I talk to Ben? I
get so giddy, I can't even talk straight!!!!!! But I
probably have more of a chance with Matt K. then I'd ever
have with them...and Matt is walking hormones (omg, sooo
much more on him another time...someone message me and
remind me).

I should go download "Leader of the Pack," cuz that song is
HILARIOUS. So what if he dies? It's still awesome!!!

Argh, I forgot the whole point behind this entry. I'm "such
a ditz...a loveable ditz, but still a ditz, at that" to
quote Adam R.