the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-05-13 01:39:05 (UTC)

*sigh* Damn Me To Hell #1

I'm doing it again. Jess -- who I KNOW is reading this lol -
- don't be mad. Don't say "I told you so." Don't chastize
me. But most of all...DO slap some sense into me. I really
need it.
I think....I think.....I think....I think....I'm falling
for Ben again ::bows her head in shame::
I spoke to him, for like, twenty minutes today, and he was
acting like his OLD self, and I just....wait, wait, wait.
Lemme back up, cuz there are some things that many of you --
Jess included -- may not be aware of. But Jess knows most
of it.
Okay. So I went to camp with both Ben and Ethan. For a
while there I was (and still am) struggling with whether or
not I like Ethan. I never hooked up with Ethan. I did,
however, hook up with Ben. Twice. But, anyway. Ben and I
often go through an I-don't-like-you-but-you-like-me-good,-
now-let's-switch-feelings things. But we've stopped that --
it's all good. Ben and I didn't speak for a while, I didn't
tell people this, but he was very vague and not talking
really a lot, being very annoying.
Sidenote: Ben Folds Five, "Philosophy" is a damn good song,
but I'll be damned if Bonnsville Stattion, "Smoking In the
Boys Room" doesn't make me smile. HAHA go get the lyrics to
it, it's funny as hell, it's such a great song. Did anyone
see VH1's One Hit Wonders? How awesome were these songs? A-
Ha is still popular in Norway, surprisingly. Aaaah, such
80s. OMG