2002-05-13 01:32:50 (UTC)


so prom was fun actually. at first i was like "what the
fuck am i doing herE" but after a bit it was fun. it was
especially fun to get all dressed up and go to dinner, we
went to cafe tu tu tango and stopped at red lobsterto see
caroline=) it was fun. claudia and i got a key chain
picture, and christina and dawn and i got pictures to be
sent in the mail and a prom book of everyones pictures. i
danced with DC twice, christina, claudia and dawn. we
chilled with allison and stuf she looked very pretty. seba
was there!! i havent seen him in forever, and wesley=) my
little gay boys. allison wants to go to southern with me
sometime, i dont know how we got arond to talking again
but its nice i guess. DC's friend April did my hair for me
and shes really cool too. i saw this kid from algebra,
Karim, who i kinda talk to in class and hes pretty cool
and goofy, and he was like "god you look beautiful!" and
was like awww and he said should have gone to the beach to
show shithead what he was missing or something he was
really nice and he asked me to go to some party i didnt go
to and gve me his number. that was nice cus i felt pretty
all night and it was nice for him to say. after prom we
went to denny's and met caroline, and christina spent the
night. i got pictures back today, and im glad i went. i
feel almost like i should have been more involved all
along, but no regrets... i cant fucking believe its over.
a week from tomorrow i walk, and wednesday at 9 is the
last day of school. InSANE. i want to have a party for
gradution. christina's going back to germany 2 months from
yesterday. thats crazy. i think graduation really will be
goodbye for me and matthew. its very sad but maybe for the
best. i keep trying to think : "Everything will work out
the way it should." while i cant imagine ever being this
insanely, out of control in love with anyone in the world,
i also know its not healthy or good for me. so either way.
he will someday be a faint memory. crazy.
im going to write carolines email and get to bed.