No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-05-13 00:59:20 (UTC)

mothers day?

hey! Oh, kristina, I know I have plans to go to church with
you...just tell me when and I'll see if it's ok.
Anyways, yeah. Today is Mother's Day. I got my mom an
insence burner, insence, a cone insence burner and cone
insence. We wen't to Old Town and Downtown Disney today. It
was alright. I can actually say I had a pretty good
Well, I have to go work on my English crap for the debate
tomorrow. oh yeah!
I saw this shirt at Old Town like a month ago and it was
blakc and said really small toward the boob "Nosey little
fucker...aren't you?" I liked it but wearing ashirt with
language on it isn't good. I got one today that is white
and says in little black writing "Nosey little
bastard...aren't you?" It's pretty funny. ok, shutting up.
I love you guys!!