soul survivor
2001-06-06 22:02:13 (UTC)

will there ever be someone out there for me?

Dear Diary
This is so fustrating i'm looking at ppl who have someone
in there life and they can see themseleves spending the
rest of their lives with them. It's like their soulmate has
arrived just when they think twice. Me on the other hand,
i'm still a virgin who hasn't found no one to be happy
with, i hate this. Look at christina n luke those too love
eachother it makes me sick. Sure i'm not the hottest the
prettiest but still i want someone in my life. Honestly the
only b/f i've had is brian THAT'S IT and don't tell me that
kid can be my soulmate cuz it's TOO BAD cuz it isn't gonna
be that way. i want to experience someone i know i can
count on and just be with , hangout, hold and hug without
ppl talking about who you going out.