my adventures
2001-06-06 21:46:48 (UTC)

vibrators and lemonade

So my sister is graduating from high school soon. i have to
come up with a present for her. i was thinking about buying
her a vibrator, because she's really horny and it might help
prevent a disaster. i don't know, i might feel odd buying
my sister sexual paraphenalia. we'll see. we're having a
party tonight. its going to be out of control and i have
class in the morning. that will teach me to take summer
classes. i am also sort of curious as to whether or not a
title like vibrators and lemonade will attract more people
to read this. it seems to me that this online diary thing
is just a collection of people,(myself included) who are
voyeurs and have nothing else better to do than read other
people's personal shit. i mean its cool and all, i'm doing
it aren't i? it just amuses me.