Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-05-12 23:14:13 (UTC)

The Dream Is Over....

By now, I'm certain, you know that I've taken Norwich to
heart - its people, its places and most of all its football
team. (Well, not most of all, but I have).

Today Norwich faced Birmingham, a team with whom I have
quite a history for a place in English football's élite.
Four people gathered round our TV, cheered like crazy, and
bundled atop one another when the canaries took the lead,
but were ultimately vanquished, much to our disdain, on a
penalty shoot-out.

So there'll be no Manchester Uniteds, no Liverpools, no
Arsenals visiting this fine city next season. And worse
than that, Delia has to go home unhappy. And that's not

In other news; before a wonderful South Bank Show special
on R.E.M. (it was truly brilliant) we watched To Die For
(you know, Nicole Kidman looking as good as she ever has,
Joaquin Phoenix with a mullet) and were mighty surprised to
see a be-mulleted Joaquin Phoenix.... not least when he
said "Read this, shitface!" with his middle finger held


WILT? The Bluetones - Expecting To Fly.