2002-05-12 23:07:53 (UTC)

May 12, 2002

Yesterday was my birthday. i finally turned 18. Altho it
still has not struck me. I guess i have to do soemthing
that i couldn't have two days ago. Maybe ill feel alittle
odler. It was fine tho. My father and stepmother gave me
50 bucks, my best friend bought me a UNC hat to replace
my old one. Too bad its too big =) My other friend got
me a necklace to replace my broken one. Im really lucky to
have such great friends. Alot of people called me
yesterday too. i felt special. On friday/saturday early
morning I got to seee Dezeray's Hammer. It was a really
good concert. They guys played 3 new songs as well as 3
new covers. I was right up front during the whole
concert. Saturday night was the All ages show. I only
went to see my friends who couldn't make it into the 18
older show. I had asked Kenny, the drummer, to Play BENT
b.c it was my birthday. He said sure. once i walked in
there i had probably the biggest surprise of my birthday so
far. one of my best friends from Sumter came up to the
concert. I had NO Idea she was coming. It really made me
smile. I heard a really good band called Field day as
well. Also Dezeray's Hammer Cancelled on us b.c aaron lost
his voice and he tried really hard to find it before the
show but couldn't. But it was fine. That meant i got a
chance to hang out with Kearri. I used to like her along
time ago. I really wish we had gone out. She would have
been cool. Oh yea Back in 8th Grade my english teacher
made us write a letter to ourself for Graduation. I got
mine in the mail the other day. I can not believe how
stupid i was back then. I said 'i love tabatha' and i
don't even remember a tabatha. I spelled words like SKOOL
and KARE and drew circles over my 'i's and wrote some
realyl stupid things. I don't think ill ever share it
withanyone. I'd like to forget about my middle school
days. I was very scared of people suring that time. But
anyway im goign to go i get tired of staying online so
im goign to find something else to do.

Song of the day: I will Wait by Hootie and the Blowfish
I hope to see those guys in a few weeks. I love hootie!