life's a bitch..it just had puppies
2001-06-06 21:25:34 (UTC)


i took some of my finals today and they were soo flippin
easy! even though i only got a B on one of them, i was
happy. today i've felt like a pig! im really really really
really bored so i dont have anything to do, and all i do is
either sit in front of this screen or watch TV and EAT!
this is really beginning to suck!..watch im gonna start
gaining like 20 pds a week. and then starve myself for 2
weeks to get if off again. but anyways, school is almost
out and start monday i get to go to wonderful summer
school. my parents are making me take geometry again, just
so "i can have a good backbone in that area" whatever, at
least it will give me something to do, instead of eating
and watching TV. today i have a soccer game, its the
championship game..oh biggie its a freakin 7 aside tourny
and all the girls are getting excited about it, maybe cuz
theyll actually win something for once. but i love soccer
so i cant be talkin smack about my team. i just wish i
didnt leave my old team, now that team i LOVED, we didnt
really clique to often but when we did..oh man we were
awesome. but enough about that. i must get going.