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2002-05-12 22:05:23 (UTC)

it may have been my foot but it was his fault

saw spiderman last night.. it was really good

tobey mgguire (sp??) def. a little on the yummy side

all in all a good movie

somehow he (ed) ended paying for everything (dinner,movie)

hes such a butt

it was a late movie so by the time we got to his house it
was later..

we laid in the car talking about nonsense, biting, and
poking each other in the eye... a lot of fun =)

he's got a thing with sky-diving now, I think hes mentioned
it before, a long ass time ago. but still.

I can't think of anything more frightening then plummeting
to the earths surface, "assuming" that the damn parachute
will open..terrifying

but if he ever actually went to do it, I'd most likely do
it with him.. because I'm a sucker like that.. I'd just
hope I didn't pee myself on the way down..

and if I did, btw, jump out of a plane because of him,...
he would sooooooooo owe me.. I'm talking several nights of
singing Princes "Kiss" at karokee night at the bar, plus
whatever else I can think of..and I'm positive I could come
up with more. LOL I just thought of one, it requires spider
guts and moonlight.... LMAO I'll call Grafton ahead of time