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2002-05-12 21:10:58 (UTC)


When I stare blankly at a pale white wall
What do you feel?
What do you think I feel?
An error or patch will answer it all.
When you see me
My real eyes
and soon after, my real soul.

No natural, you'll feel me
A slight smile will creep along your face
As your blood runs free
Your dreams - are they reality?

Close your eyes and look at the static
I know it continues for eternity
Who is the dream?
Not physically.
Dig a spoonful deeper
Now slide into the static
Physical is not a being.

Look again - the dreams
Symbols of what we want our mind to tell us
Useless to interpret physical dreams.

Look into the static and into your dream
Minutes, hours, opening your mind
Expand the idea - WHO is in YOUR dream?

...as static surrounds your area of vision
What you see is no longer valid. What do you feel?
It is not love. It is there, but it is not love.

This philosophy of life is mine.
Can you read between my lines?
I know what you long for, who, when, why?
Do you even know?
Do you even believe I know?

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