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2002-05-12 21:10:40 (UTC)

Jouney Of Two

If I could dream tonight..
The universe is now mine to manipulate.
He allows me to make any wish come true

I stare at you.
The worry has frozen
You're not hurting, you're numb.
Nothing is healed
Not a wish can change that
If I can dream I can freeze it all.

I feel your face slowly,
Cold, pale, I winced.
Turning around, time thaws
Without you
Frozen and numb, I am hideous.
As you fade, I beg to follow

As ups face downs and warmth replaces exsistance
I cry
Because the jounrey is the warmth
You've gone; given up.
The journey is without meaning

The journey fades slowly
No burden
No existance
I dreamt I could finally sleep
Could finally fade
I would would never fade
Unless to follow your journey.

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