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2002-05-12 21:09:58 (UTC)


So intruiging
I hate this PASSION
Ripping life, joy is cremated
What a display when she jerks to the ground
Absolute agony
Snatch an opinion
Justify the one thing you'll NEVER know.
Show me how you induce life
Through pain.
Show me HOW
I will always survive
I will always survive
Affirm the HARM you presented
That I gratefully accepted
The beautiful steel still reflects this release
A quaint river of blood releases my love
This is devotion to all I believe
All I will trust is pain. PAIN will never leave
I won't forget this feeling
Ecstatic alienation
Never healthy, never worth it
Why chase for the MEANING of LIFE
When HARM'S path opens his steel gates
Swim, the BLOOD is still warm
A guarantee
The only guarantee in life
Is pain. Pain is love.
Love need not exist.
Harm me

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