Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-06-06 21:10:46 (UTC)


Sometimes I write about a girl I loved:

Somtimes still even after all this time she comes to visit
me. Only late at night though and only in my dreams these
lovely yet haunting dreams.And somtimes we speak and she
says the things she used to say stupid things and thsese
words these looks these things are things that made me know
I could hold her forever and never know pain never know or
understand the cruelness of the world. Just live forever n
her gaze her embrace her love.
Rarley anymore do I see her in my dreams and I wonder
when she fails to appear and many moons have passed with
out seeing her or even just a memory. If the stain on my
mind shes left washed away would hope also wash away.
God I loved her,If Id only known then when I walked away
what i was leaving,Id have burnt any briges,defied the
gods,sold my soul.For what are any of these things with out
that love.I find no comfort in any of these things, none to
ease the pian Ive known with out her.
It seems to read this would be to hear the ramblings of
a heart broken teenager somone whos just felt the sting of
loves pain a fool who speaks harshly in a moment of loss,
When you hear these words spoken you think to your self
theyll be over it in a few days.
Well the years have passed my friends and the pain hasnt
subsidded, Id have to say the longer and farther away the
days of then become and as the memories fade the worse the
fate I chosen then becomes!
the end.