Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-05-12 20:33:48 (UTC)

Eat Me PUHHH!!!

yesterday i had my birthday party...it whuz aiiight. kinda
boring at first but den everyone loosen dup and started
dancin' and havin' fun and shit. umm i already spent almost
all of my birthday money, but i got a lot of cute new
clothez. most of last nite i whuz all ova damien...and den
adam..and andrew a lil'. afta da party erin came ova and we watched
shrek and just talked on da internet...nuttin' too important ya kno
just chillin' like a motha fucka (datz how we chill). i'z a startin'
to like andrew...hez nice and sweet. anywayz i'm sure i've already
bored u all to fuck so i'll just stop.