a poetic Heartº
2002-05-12 20:19:59 (UTC)

I fell for the one who left

My heart was broken and battered
You taught me to smile again
When the one I gave my heart to left me
You were there holding my hand

When I was weak and hurting
You gave me comfort I never knew
You made me realize that It wasn't my fault
And as time passed our friendship grew

Every tear that I cried
You were there to wipe them away
And while everyone else left me
You were the only one who stayed.

Today when I saw you
You looked deep into my eyes
I saw nothing but sadness
And I wanted to cry

You said you must leave
And comming back wasn't your choice
When I asked you why
You heard the pain in my voice

YOu took me in your arms
And you held me so tight
You gave me a last kiss
And you walked out of my sight

Schools not the same now
and you never call
Everythings changed
As though I didn't know you at all

I've cried over you for so many nights
Wishing I could see your face
Praying for a mirical that youd come back
And once more I could feel your embrace

Then It came to my attention
THe feelings must have been hid well
For my mind came to clear vision
I'd fell for the one who left.

Ashley Nicole McCoy
May 13, 2002