my pathetic life
2002-05-12 20:15:46 (UTC)

shines through

on saturday nite i went to see my friends new band (shines
through) play. this band had been around for a little band
but this his first show with them. my friend is also in an
emo band so it was werid seeing him rock out hardcore
style. he was using his friends cordless cable at the show
so he was running around everywhere, he thought he was so
cool. i felt bad for their drummer cuz he didnt have a
carpet down so his drums were sliding everywhere. it would
have been really bad if one of his drums fell of the
platform.well i had fun at the show, its always fun to see
ur friends act stupid and role around on the floor while
playing guitar.

well today i went to church, it was really upsetting. i
always have gone to church and been bored but i never
really was bothered by going but today was differnt. well
for starters i hate mothers day, i dont like my mother we
dont get along and we both no that if we wernt related we
woul have nothing to do with each other. and because she is
how she is she feels that because its mothers day she can
tell me to do things and be nice to her and we can talk.
bullshit i dont do that, i dont like her and it doesnt
matter what day it is im not gona forget how i have felt
all my life and kiss ass. well back to church, idunno what
it was i felt so empty and angry. i felt awful to cuz i
dont want to be around people who want to be there and
worship and then theres me who walks in with all her
bullshit and bad energy. it makes me feel bad, so i dont
think im gona go anymore, well until i figure myself out.
who wants a sour ass around when ur trying to be happy and

"pardon, pardon the wait. its the animosity towards your
belief system. its your hypocricy. no regrets, no remorse."