? :: connie ::?

:: inside my mind ::
2001-06-06 20:57:35 (UTC)

:: you are ::

you are sweeter than an ice cream
because ice cream is not always
able to make me smile
and i believe
that your heart is
softer than an ice cream, too

you are sweeter than cookies
because sometimes
i'm tired of chewing them
but i will never get tired
talking to you

you are sweeter than candies
because they are not good
for my teeth
but you always
make me feel better

you are better than
a glass of wine
coz it can make me really sick
if i consume it too much
but your words always
put a smile on my face

i expect you more
than i expect 'the simpsons'
coz they are not real
and you are huggable

you are more than
just an everyday friend to me
because we are special friends
that heaven send you
to be my wings

.:: connie ::.
0341 am gmt 7