Randi Lynn

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2002-05-12 19:52:36 (UTC)


I spent Friday and Saturday nights at Tina's house. Its a
horrible place to sleep ont he floor there, and i couldnt
even stretch out all the way, and btoh mronings i woke up
wiht my neck killing me and tina still asleep, and
listening to her 5-year-old sister out in the living room
talking extremely loudly, but thats cuz shes 5. But then
she'd open the door saying "Randi! Randi! ppppsssss!
randi!" woke me up twice but i didnt move x.x saturday was
fun, it was the day i spent 30 dollars on stuff, like
chips, soda, choclate mints, a Mothers day card for my mom,
A magazine fer me, lol. umm...I bought punching balloons at
rite Aid, and we went to the ocean, soo..we had alotta fun,
hung out an talked, and my balloon flew into the ocean..so
i ran in after it up to my knees and got my pantlegs
drentched, and got it, and came back ashore with my freind
laughing to death. and then i dared myself to jumpp into
the ocean, and i ask tina if she thinks i'd do it, and she
said no, so i ran down and i dove in and this guy got me on
camera. Tina was embarassed of me cuz i was soaked. She
thought i was crazy. It was like 60 degrees out. shes funny
cuz she hates it when i talk when we're going by a guy, so
i get intentionally loud to embarrass her, and it works.
She keeps teezing me and her brother tony's friend,
Karl ,saying he likes me and i like him, But dont relaly
liek him, i eman i kidna do but not alot. But i can tell he
likes me..he looked right into my eyes once..I dont usualyl
look into peoples eyes, i didnt look into my boyfriends
eyes last year when he was trying to get me to, i wnt lok
into somons eyes when they're looking into mine, i guess.
but i did his, x.x for like..5 seconds. When i was leaving
Tinas, i gave bobbie jean, tinas sister, my baloon, and he
said "you're giving it to her?" and i said, teasingly "Yah,
why, did you want it?" and he said, "Actulyl yea.." and i
laugh and got into the car to leave x.x i left my magazine
at her house, ill get it when i go for her bday party in 2
weeks. Tina said im annoying cuz i talk to much. x.x oh
well, she also said im weird cuz i laugh too much, adns he
said if we ever ran itno a group of her frineds shed tell
me not to act weird or just to shut up...Which i probably
would. I left her house early becuse She was getting mean,
she hit my weak spot.