2001-06-06 20:49:19 (UTC)

dammit grrrrrr

ok like now im pissed off. yea me and my baby are fighting.
it sucks so bad. he is so pissed at me. but i dont care he
should respect the fact that i dont want him to do
something. dammit why cant guys understand. everything is
just screwing up for me now. but all i know is that
saturday im going to go to lake compunce and im getting a
tan and im gonna have fun with or without him! iim not
gonna be all pissed off at him for that because its my only
day to relax and have fun but i can also get my white ass a
tan lol! well i hope i get to sort this shit out cuz its
not only stressing him but its stressing him too. oh and
also may i add if im stressing him so much and he isen
happy why is he with me?? ooh god help me!! well im gonna
go im waiting to see nsync on trl.. oh yea may i also add
all this week every girl in school is wearing nsync pop
odessey tour tees JUST MAKE MY DAY EVEN MORE HELL! i love
them so much and i didnt even get to go see them, grrrr