What you never knew
2002-05-12 18:28:11 (UTC)

I am Bob

well it did happen. about a week ago, i just havent written
bout it. i am no longer a virgin. it was amazing and
special and everything i wanted it to be. i mean every girl
dreams that it will be all romantic with candles and such
but like just being in his room with him...i dunno it was
even more special than i ever imagined it to be. i love him
so much. i dont even wanna describe it because my stupidity
might mess up the moment lol. the only thing is that im
still a little worried that i may be pregnant ya know? i
think every girl kinda worries about that the first time
they do it. and ive decided that matt and i are not gonna
do it again unless im on the pill and we use gloves. that
way i wont be scared ne more. well thats all i gotta say.