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2002-05-12 18:20:56 (UTC)


Happy Mother's Day!!! Well, I haven't had much time to hit
this thing up lately. I've wanted to a few times, but I
never got around to it. Nothing too major is going on with
me. I have a few things on my mind....that's all. At the
beginning of the week, one of my friends, Aaron, told me
that he likes me. I kind of knew it was going to happen
though. I mean, he is a sweet kid and I can talk to him
about any and everything. BUT I told him that right now I'm
not looking for anything and that if I was to persue
something with him, we probably wouldn't end on good terms.
For some reason, after I talk to a dude, we aren't cool. I
told him that I liked him, but not like that. I really
appreciate his friendship and I made sure he knew that. He
just told me that he's always liked me and that the little
problems I have w/ other dudes, I wouldn't have them w/
him. He is really sweet and I hope we stay friends forever.
Anyway, another thing that is going on is that I might be
getting a job at Hibbett Sports. See, this dude that works
there, James, said he would help me get up there because
they are about to switch managers. That sounded cool and
everything, until he asked me to go to the movies with him.
At first, I didn't really think anything about it. BUT he
started calling me. He's cool and everything, but I think
he has the wrong idea about the whole thing. I just want
the job and I think he thinks that I'll do anything for it.
HELL NAWL! I don't want it that bad. I think the mistake I
made was being too nice. It's just my nature to flirt and
smile when I'm talking to someone....I think he took that
as something else. I don't know. The best thing to do is
clarify that I'm not interested in him...I just want the
job. But anyway, I got a chance to chill w/ Leroy Thursday.
It was cool. It was like always.....just talking about
crazy stuff and laughing. There wasn't any physical contact
though. I don't recall hugging him or anything. That's cool
though......wait....that's not cool. I was kind of
disappointed about it. I'm not going to lie! But hey, time
and things that I maybe said and he said made it this way.
Right now, I'm picking up this signal that.....I can't
really find a word for it. I mean, back in the day(not a
long time ago)when he was home, I got a chance to see him
more often. He would ask if he could come see me or when he
was going to see me. It's not like that anymore. I can't
say that it doesn't bother me because it kinda does. I want
that back. See, I think it's not like that because in the
back of his mind, he knows there won't be any physical
contact. I act different around him now. I mean, he may not
notice it, but I know I do. I don't do it purposely or
anything....it just happens. Man, I don't know. It's a lil
thing, so I'll forget about it. Well, let me get going. I
might hit this thing up later tonite.....HOllA *J*

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