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2002-05-12 17:52:16 (UTC)

Paris Cafe review...

Yesterday I was extremely bored, and didn't wanna study or
do any homework. So I called up my friend Karoline.
Apparently she was just about to call me. Good thing I
called her first cause she still has my old number. She
said she will call me back in 2 seconds, so she called my
old number and to get my new one, she dailed *69.
Eventually we agreed to leave and go somewhere. She just
came back from 8 hour college testing a little while ago so
she needed about 1/2 an hour to get together and get to my
house. She was gonna call me back by cell phone when she is
near by. Unfortunately my parents left to wall-mart when we
were talking, and just as I was leaving, they came up. So
damn. I left though and told them her number, I also said that I'll be home at 11:30.
My mom said ten. I said 11:30, and so left.

We didn't know where to go, and I really didn't care. We
ended up going to this place near by that she suggested,
Paris Cafe. It's real cool. the coffee is real great. They
also have juice and salads, as well as appatizers. We had
some kind of Mocha with caramel. It wasn't too hot or too
cold, but just right, in real cool glasses. She later had
cranberry juice which I tried and was quite good. We sat in
the corner of the cafe on a navy blue couch. The one bad
thing about that was that the table was kinda high once you
sat down. There weren't very many people, so that was nice,
but eventually more came, and they all started smoking, so
I started coughing.

I must say that dunkachinoes have met their match. I have
never tasted coffee with caramel. I must say that it is
exquisit and gives coffee a perfect taste. (Don't bother
with sugar and cream.)

Karoline and I have much in common. She likes Shakespeare,
I like Shakespeare. She is learning French and wants to
learn to speak it fluently, me too. (Ofcourse I'm just on
my first year, and she is a much better student then me.
) We are
not much for getting drunk or smoking. She has quit
smoking, and only drinks a little every, Also we don't exactly like the artificial people of
our own culture. (There might be more, but I forget.)

She was getting some calls on her cell, and her boyfriend
called her saying that he's gonna get off work soon and him
and a few of his friends are gonna get together so if she
wants to come. She said that she's gonna bring a friend,
and the dude asked how many. So she said how many do you
want? He said how about six. So she got the impression that
it's just guys. (It was.)

We went over there later and I stayed till about 11:45.
There were about six guys and no girls. This one dude
started crank calling people he or his friends know and
tying to convince them to go to some made up Marine
College. Funny people. I felt normal. I didn't talk much,
but that's just how I am around people I just met.

So I came home at midnight and I started drawing and
painting, hence finishing my art homework at 4 in the
morning. I thought I'm not gonna do scrap with that cause I
was never in the mood, but I guess that cafe and that
coffee did wonders. Plus the whole atmosphere was just what
I needed. Till next time dudes...


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