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2001-06-06 20:04:20 (UTC)

*Can't think of a subject*

Sheesh, I didnt write here for like a week already. I've
been bored for the past few days thats why. There's nuttin
to write about so...anyway, last nyte was like so bad
because of the stupid storm and everything. we didnt get
to swim because it was already getting dark. but then this
guy who was supposed to get the washer and dryer called and
told my cousin that he's ready to get both of the stuff so
they did. then my mom decided to go get some groceries
even though it was raining so hard we still went. blah,
blah, blah then we went to kroger to do the stuff that we
were supposed to do then we went back home to eat our late
dinner. had a not-so-good day yesterday and today too.
SOOOO BORED!!!!!! K well better go now so bye!