Me and X
2002-05-12 16:51:28 (UTC)


Last night I got together with three other of my closest
friends, A,L,and H.L., and we played dominos completely
stoned. We played for about 3 or 4 hours. It was really
quite a bit of fun. We were all so into this game. We
also talked about relationships and sex and all that BS. L
is having some problems with her boyfriend.... they
actually fight during sex. Interesting.
So, I called X after I hung out with the girls and talked
to him for a while.. which was nice.. then I came home and
went to bed.
So today is mothers day.. and my mom got in a fight with me
right away this morning when I asked her what special thing
she wanted to do. She was just so bitchy.. She ended up
apologizing because she started the fight believe it or
I made her an awesome omelette after that, and we are going
out shopping in a bit and seeing my grandmother and my aunt
and my cousin and all that stuff. I think we are all going
out for Chinese dinner this evening. I wish I could get
stoned again and just sit on the couch.. haha. Ahhhhhhh
I am excited for this August when I turn 21. My
girlfriends and I are going to take a road trip to Montreal
and go crazy.
I miss my baby though. I wish he was around. Love you
X.. I cant believe its almost been half a year since I
last saw you.