2001-06-06 19:58:51 (UTC)

Touching Death

Yesterday night I went to the viewing for Heather. She
looked so beautiful. They had put her favorite sweater on,
and her hair was all around her. (she had long, natually
curly hair, it was beautiful) I didn't cry, and it
surprised me. All my other friends were. But I guess I'm
doing better, I'm taking it more easily now. I think it's
because I know she's in heaven looking down on us, watching
us with a smile on her face. My mom went with me to the
funeral home, and there was so many people there! There was
even a line we had to wait in to go into the room. When we
hugged her parents and sister, we went to she her in her
coffin. She had jewelry and pins on and there were pictures
of her and friends in the casket. After a little while, my
friends and I went up there again to say our final good-
byes. I told her that I was glad she's in Heaven and that I
loved her. Then I kissed my hand and touched it to hers. It
was cold, and I wasn't expecting it to feel real. But it
was, it was Heather. Even though she was dead.
Today was the funeral, the first one I've even been to. her
family is catholic so it was a long service. Well it seemed
that way anyway. Her boyfriend was one of the pallbearers.
You could tell he was having a hard time. Then we went to
the gravesite, we held up traffic for about 45 minutes.
there were so many family members and students there. i
didn't cry at the grave site either, I kinda wanted to,
hearing her parents sobbing was hard. I had no emotion left
though. It was weird. I will miss Heather. It still feels
like a dream....

Kelly Jo