The lost little girl
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2002-05-12 16:21:37 (UTC)

happy mother's day

i know i have to write more often, so you know, you can stop
reminding me, i'm aware of my lazy life. anyways, it's
mother's day and i'm not doing anything. i'm pretty much
sitting around with mom just watching tv and shit. nothing
too major. good news- my dad went to san fransico and he
returned safely. i'm very happy about that, i am not a big
fan of flying...never have been, never will be.
to all my friends out there who read this. you should all
come to kareoke this week. you really should. if you need
info on what's up give me a call. you should know my number
by now..if not...ask me on AIM..:)
i'm pretty bored so i'm just gonna go and read my book.
so...yeah..i will talk to you all

dialy quote:

" hey mom look i got a mango!" - johnny bravo
" no son, that a telegram!"- bunny bravo
" oh, why what'd i say?" - johnny bravo

(johnny bravo..one of the greatest cartoons ever...it's on
cartoon network, check it out if you can)