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2002-05-12 16:13:56 (UTC)


school's going to end on monday...and i hav the whole
summer to be overprotected. it sucks im 20 years old and my
parents control me and i can't do anything about it, becuz
im not financially independent. i can't leave the house at
all, unless i have school. and i pretty much have no
social life. im not retarded or anything. i can have a
social life, but they just wont let me. i sound like a 13
year old, but im 20. and i feel the whole world is living
their life, and i envy other people my age that have a
life. god i hate my parents. when would this end! im so
sheltered it's not even funny. i cant talk to no one. the
only one i can confide in is, van. she's the best and she's
going through the same thing im going through. she has the
same problem as me and we r the same age--we met in high
school and whenever i see her i make the best of it. back
to the 'rents-they make me feel so guilty for having
friends. and sometimes i think things will change as time
changes. once i get outta college, i hope to make $ and
move out! that's my #1 goal...i hate my life...i cry
everything i think about it. isnt socialization part of
human development? well i guess i haven't grown or
developed socially yet. and when i get that money and
independence in 2 years it'll be sweet revenge. w/b later