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2002-05-12 15:53:45 (UTC)


happy mothers day!

yesterday cindy took me and laura out to lunch. on the way
back to work, as she was goin over a hill, her radar
detector went off. too late. she got pulled over for goin
68/45. the cop was gonna give her over $400 worth of
tickets for speeding, 3 ppl in a 2 person truck and all 3
not wearing seat belts. she told him she works for the
library and he gave her 1 $48 sealt belt ticket and 2
warnings for the speeding and too many ppl.

nick came into the library yesterday. he told me something
i was tellin him about joann calling me a slut and he was
like 'alex called u a slut'!! that really pisses me off.
guys are fuckin assholes.
i was complaining about not bein able to go out bc i cant
drive and he was like 'go to a party' i was like 'i have no
friends...what party do u expect me to go to?' thats the
truth! i said outta the few friends i do have, im the only
one that drives and he was like 'well i drive...i dont see
u callin me' he really wants to hang out with

i really cant wait till next week. my aunt is buuying my
talon like tomorrow and then ill be able to get my moms car
fixed then i just need like $400 more and ill be able to
drive! lol. no...i should be driving again either next
weekend or the one after that.

i feel bad bc i didnt get my mom anything for mothers day.
i didnt have any $ or a ride to any stores or anything. oh
well my sis didnt get her anything either and she has $ and
a car so that makes me feel a lil bit better.

well i guess ill go now. i gotta clean my room and do my
laundry. buhbyez.

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