The Life And Times of Kara
2002-05-12 15:04:13 (UTC)


Well, last night was a blast! I went to Joe's Crab Shack
before prom with Shelley, Trevor, Mallory and her date,
Shelia and her date, and Jenny and Kevin. It was a good
time. Lots of funny things happened. I'm too tired to write
all about them. Although the dinner consisted of Euchre and
stealing lightbulbs. Finally we got to prom. Trevor looked
real good escorting Shelley and I in. Prom was awesome...I
think I probably had the best time out of everyone cause I
didn't have a date to worry about. I was able to get my
groove on without any worries. It was awesome! I graduate
in 26 days. I have 14 or so days of school left. Tuesday is
Senior show, and Wednesday is my last high school band
concert. I am kinda sad about that. But oh well. That is
all from now. I will write again later!

Love ya guys,