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2001-06-06 18:28:44 (UTC)

Over zealous friend...

you ever have a friend who thinks your relationship is
something more? well last night i was presented with a
typical high school soap opera crisis.... my dear friend
christine, who mind you i really do love quite a bit, is a
bit naive sometimes when it comes to guys.... this friend
of her's at some point was a boyfriend or wanted to be, i'm
not to sure on the details.... well, this boy has
problems.... even though he has a girlfriend his life
sometimes seems to revolve around christine..... now i
myself have been in a friendship that i thought was
stronger than it really was, but this is kinda sad....

so they got into some kind of spat, i'm not sure what it
was over.... and christine comes to me for help.... you
really must appreciate the whole "copy and paste" thing
that people do with AOL instant messenger.... he is pulling
all of these juvenile manipulation techniques (trust me, i
mastered them years ago and am now trying to forget
how).... you know, he goes on about how he knows this means
a lot to her and when playing on her feelings (or what he
thinks are her feelings) for him stops working, he starts
working on bringing up past fun they had had..... he really
seems to be living in the past.... it isn't cool how he was
talking down to her, like she was some pouting child
throwing a temper tantrum....

i don't know what to do about this.... i gave her the best
advice i could and i made sure that she knew how much i
loved her and how many other friends she has that wouldn't
treat her like that..... grrr.... men suck (lets just
ignore that i am one myself)....

Every day is another toss of the dice.

~~Fortis Exaequo Vita~~

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