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2002-05-12 14:04:36 (UTC)

You have my Blessing.....Princess Warrior

I was watching this television serial when the main
character lost her girl friend to religion and he mentioned
something...."Love doesn't mean you have to be with the one
you loved, so long as you know she is happy with the one
she loves, give her your blessing and she will be more is always better than you keep pestering her
and this makes her unhappy..."

Yah true enough, I wanna tell her truefully, u have my
blessing my Princess and I will always be there if you
needs me.

Yesterday I asked myself...if I were given another chance
to date her and tell her my feeling, will I do it? I guess
I will not cos she is my subordinate, is gonna be difficult
cos there will be lots and lots of gossip.....for sure just
like her and her subordinate now going true...

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