? :: connie ::?

:: inside my mind ::
2001-06-06 17:49:18 (UTC)

:: to my daddy ::

i wish i will find
a man
who i can share my life with
just like you

he has to be
the apple of
God's eyes
just like you are

he has to lead me into
the right way
and i need his prayers
day and night
like you do to me

he doesn't have
to be rich materially
but i need him
to be very rich
like you are

he has to be
someone i can talk to
who can enrich my wisdom
and knowledge
like what i got from you

but most of all
i need him to love me
like you do to mom
it is the best thing 
you do
for me ever
and i thank you for that

i'm really sorry
i know i often break
your heart
and i often
feel upset with you
when you told me
things i don't like
to hear
even though it's
for my own good
i know i hurted you
at that very moment

i'm sorry
for giving you
sleepless nights
when i went out till late
i know you couldn't
really sleep
before i got back home
safe and sound
and for
wasting your money
to buy things
i don't really need

happy father's day
i want to wish you in advance
as you always give me
things i want
before i ask

i always pray
that GOD will give you
a long happy life
as i want you to see
the seeds you plant
in me
and i also want 
to be someone
you can proud of
so you can praise GOD
for making you
the happiest
man on earth!

thank you
for making me
your little princess
you always make me
feel very special

i love you.

.:: connie ::.
1203 am gmt 7