Everything Just Died
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2002-05-12 06:24:17 (UTC)

Fun Night

I went to see the play again. I finally met Corina in which
Amber's friend. She begged me to meet Corina. Corina is
bisexual but she like someone (guy). So after the play
Amber and Corina rides my car. They told me that I'm crazy
driver and you should get caught. I told them I don't see
police in around the area. Amber said maybe police leave
you alone because you too pretty. I was making face at her.
So I drove Amber's house to get her key then drove to
Corina's house. We hang out a while. Corina's parents told
us to leave so we left. I drove to Amber's house dropped
her off. Then I drove I was lost so I drove a long cirlice
road. Finally I found a way home. So I thought I could stop
by Matt's house to surprise him. The house was slept. So I
drove home. I should have stop by his house yesterday
(growl). That's all I did today. Good Night Laterz