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2002-05-12 05:37:14 (UTC)


This is for my lil Rachy because I think she is the only
one who reads this! However I am trying not to be lax as I
going to use this in Italy and not write emails so if they
don't like it TOUGH:) It's my vacation/school so I will do
as I like! haha Rach I'm glad you had a good birthday
sorry I didn't get a chance to call you. Let me know what
your schedule looks like so I can call you soon:) ME MISS
SO let's see what's new. I havent' worked since THursday
and I don't think I work until Wednesday so that is FUN. I
have 2 jobs now officially unless I fail the tests, haha
hope I don't. I figure all that stuff out after Italy
Last night I hung out w/ my friends, Tuesday I hung out
with friends AND tonight I hung out with them too!!! PLLUS
we are hanging out Wednesday! I forget how much I miss some
of them when I am away for so long....maybe not all of them
but a few;) Today I went grocery shopping for the week and
bought my momma plants WHAT FUN! I baked cookies last
night for lack of anything better to do, hehehe. I am such
a lil homemaker it is SO FUN:):):):)
Well I am off to bed so I get can up early and make my
momma homemade buttermilk pancakes!!!

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