Jena's Rants
2001-06-06 13:10:38 (UTC)

He's got the whole world in his pants, he's got the whole world in his pants..........

Woman Wonders Whatever Happened To Those Rainforests She
Gave $5 To Save That One Time
NORTHGATE, CO-- Audra Smoller, 39, who donated $5 to the
Save The Rainforests organization in 1997, was struck with
curiosity Monday about the fate of her arboreal
beneficiaries. "I wonder how those forests wound up making
out with my five bucks," Smoller said. "I guess they were
saved, because I never read anything in the paper about
them getting cut down." Smoller added that, should another
ecological crisis arise, concerned parties should not
hesitate to approach her for assistance.

I love The Onion, it is so informative.
Who knew the world had such caring and
concerned people living in it? Without
this wonderful Internet zine we would
never have known the wonderful good
that Audra Smoller's $5 bucks did for
the ecological health of our rainforest
and thus our planet. You go girl!!!

(me so very funny, giggle giggle)