Jena's Rants
2001-06-06 12:57:45 (UTC)

Oh how good it is to be bad!

I love my buddy King Herbage, can i tell you he left me the
sweetest message this morning! He is soooooooooo nice.
Unlike the other people I don't even know always leaving me
these messages about self help groups and shit. Phooey on
them. Hung out with The Ex Man at the watering hole last
eve. Had a very good time. It was actually quite chill.
Talked to Hopinononefoot, seems to me he has gotten all of
the required training to be a professional bartender. That
seems to be all he has done thus far while away in OC. I
think the LSDBanker has busted something in his noggin.
Yesterday he was blobbering about fairies and cowards
picking brains and someother shit. I am scared, he is
looney. But he and Scari Kari seem to be okey dokey,
perhaps he needs to lay off of the narcies. Or perhaps he
needs to do more of them. Either way it is a dilema. So,
mad parties happening this weekend. I am considering
dressing in disguise so that I can attend Starscape w/o
incident - Because you all know that I am a notoriously
know international spy and there is always a 007 on my