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2001-06-06 12:42:53 (UTC)

Secret Lovers

We'll I'm in the mood for a little elaboration bout some
things...since I'm able to speak freely here without having
to face anyone in the real...

"Mr. A"....
If you'd read my earlier entries you'll already know of who
I'm speaking about..I still can't get over this
fool...Seems like my only way to fully give in to closure
is to start a new relationship with someone better than
But this all started when i first started a job...I worked
the "Morning shifts"...After 4 months Alan started his
shift early he's part of the "Night shift"..I on the other
hand was re-stocking our area...We'll our section tends to
run out of cups since the buss boys take them for the other i went in the back area to grap fresh
cups...i seen him n first thing he said was "aye, don't
take all of the cups" i just snobbed and walked
away...we'll our first impressions in my thought...shit
he's an asshole..his impressions...what a bitch...

we'll i finally found a better job for the morning so i
moved to the "Night Shift" we'll i guess he recognized
me...After months of him trying to get my attention to
start a conversation..My computer finally failed me...n
finally an open gateway for Mr.A to speak to me..We'll..I
recall two incidents..he kept bugging for my number but i
wouldn't give it..since i knew he was in a
i didn't even want to get into that...One night one of the
co-workers came runing to me asking for my number and i was
like no..we'll i felt really bad that she had to run all
the way out there just for my number for Mr.A..we'll he'd
call asking to pick him up n just so wrong I'd hang
up...One time he called early in the morning..."stupid ah
you" dude like wtf? But one night i fell for the lamest
line...i asked what did he want from me..he said "he just
needed someone to talk to since his g/f didn't understand"
fuck if i only knew that was a line...we'll finally we went
somewhere together after work one night..which was wal-
mart...well it was really cool so i called him another
night to ask if he wanted to go to walmart again...when i
just wanted to see him...i taught he was some ghetto ass
punk with no life...when actually he was such a hilarious
person, very intelligent, talented in drawing, does magic
tricks as other words a dork...well we began to
talk more...n he'd ask if i wanted to go to his house to
kick it...thas how it all started i would go over n we'd
just talk for hours n laugh till 5am...n each time the
temptation got stronger...we'll we finally got to go to
the movies as friends the first movie we seen together
was "Me, Myself, and Irene" :::wow it's been that long ago
i have it on dvd now:::well after that movie we went to his
house..since his family left to go to vegas..he invited me
in...oh mayn my i was so overwhelmed with being so
nervous..i wanted to kiss him so badly..but the thing that
intrested me more was that he didn't pull anything on
me...we'll the night ended n we said our goodbyes..we'll
the next night i went over again don't remember for what
reason..but oh i went over to get a cd thing with
music..that was his connection towards me music n
computers....yes well oh boy...he took my cigarettes away n
we started playing..n finally he grabbed me n yup there it
was our first was so wrong but yet felt so good...
the next day he left to go to vegas n he called every
night...when i already was seeing someone else so it was
pretty hard to manage...i'd tell him i'd call him back
later..when id just didn't .. while he was on the other
hand waiting ... lol...thats so funny...we'll when he came
back there we were together again alone in the walk i went to restock lemons n he so happened to
go back there..n he grabbed me from behind n we kissed in
the walk use to be so much fun..we'd both try so
hard to be its just we try so hard to avoid each
other...but yea the story goes on...we become more serious
we started sleeping with each other every night...having to
be with him 24/7...i really miss that...n just wow...our
first eat in dinner lol..zippy's that table...just i
haven't had a relationship like that before so
comfortable..we could talk forever n ever..just now its
just sad we have nothing to say to each other..he has to
much guilt...n i just have to much pride making him feel
that guilt..but fuckers a player...daym...n here i
am...lost as hell..oh boy ill continue this later...

leave me a note if you want more of this storie...

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