Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2002-05-12 01:51:51 (UTC)


Well....today is saturday.....i went to buy a prom dress
and crap. then i bought some warped tour tickets. then my
mom took me to deannas house and me, her, ashley, nena, and
christina just hung out.

you know whats funnier then fuck? me in a dress. ahhhh man
i looked retarded.

so yeah.

then we went to Rhor park andplayed hack for a while. then
dee took everyone home. so yup. here i am......bored and
tired...and bored.

i dont know whether or not i am going to the show tonight
with John and josh and whoever else is going.

so i'll probably climb into bed and stuff. and take a much
needed nap. so goodbye people.