Dreaming Of Everything
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2002-05-12 01:18:10 (UTC)

Partly cloudy.

"I think, sometimes when we love people a lot, we have to
be numb to the fact that we are or else it would drive us
mad to have this incredible feeling take over us all the
time"-Fae from "Riding In Cars With Boys"

This is true. The weather has been like my attitude
lately...rainy, with some hail, high winds, thunder,
lightening and the occasional tornado. Yeah, it's like a
whirlwind of emotions here and I don't know what to do. I'm
really pissed off at people here, and i don't know why. I
think that they are changing, but then again I could be the
one changing. It seems like everyone around me is tho. I
mean, the people I've known forever are totally changing.
They are becoming the rumor mills and sources of total
humiliation, when in grade school they used to hate being
talked about but now they are talking about other
people...I don't get it. The people I've known for a less
amount of time have been the true friends I've been looking
for or are the molds that I want my friends based on.
*sigh* My "friends" and I have been growing farther apart,
and maybe I am secluding myself from them, but I don't
think so! I think I'm still the same person. I just don't
know. It's like I love em, but I hate em. That's
bittersweet. That's partly cloudy.